Infinity Moodboard

I’ve been thinking about space a lot recently (when do I not?) but as the idea of a novel inches closer I’ve been putting together some shots that I’d love to reproduce in my writing. While the work isn’t going to be directly related to space travel or even be a spacefaring story in the traditional sense, I love how images of the universe get across that sense of vastness that I’m hoping to steal just a little bit of for my work.


Endless Ocean

This didn’t make it into the final version, but I liked it anyway – especially the perspective shift.


Debutante – 65daysofstatic

And on the topic of inspiration, while the game it promoted ended as a disappointing footnote, I can’t stop thinking about this song. There’s just such a fantastic atmosphere around it that I can’t put into words, so you’ll just have to listen to the song yourself:



If I could chose a synthetic symphony for my life it’d definitely be this.

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