Sounds of Spring: 2017

I’m notoriously bad for listening to the same 6 songs until I’m completely sick of them (I don’t even have the grace to play a whole album), so as I got back into Spotify I decided it was time to use it for something other than ambient D&D playlists. With that in mind, it was time to create a seasonally-themed playlist including all the new discoveries and old favourites I’d rediscovered from March – May.

Spotify playlists for the weary

I’m also bad for giving playlists completely stupid names – Too Cool for the Traffic Police, Christmas in Hollis and Spacewave spring to mind – but mercifully my Springtime sounds are straightforward in name. Genre, on the other hand, took a total backseat this time round, making this playlist a bizarre and jarring shift from Aphex Twin to Ministry to Air with some Soulwax for good measure. If you enjoy tracks more badly-matched than a primetime Radio 1 slot then this list is for you:

There’s about 40 tracks and roughly 3.5hrs of weird-listening in there if you’d like an insight into the stuff I play while writing. Particular interest goes to the title track from Pumarosa’s debut album, Priestess. Definite shower-ballad material; though of course I am very serious and would never dare sing songs I barely know at the top of my lungs.

Otherwise, I can’t get by without a little retro ambience so it’s definitely present in this selection. Thoughts? Summer 2017 is already shaping up to be a vaporware showcase…

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